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She was only 19.At Oslo, she won the giant and regular slalom. The latter performance involved a memorable second run, a minute, three second performance that took her to the top of the podium. “When I took off for the second run, I was Replica Omega 2577.50 Aqua Terra Watch released as the full force and energy of who I am as a person,” she told The San Jose Mercury News in 2002. “In a way, the second run was a perfect run. There are few times in our lives where we become the thing we’re doing.”It took 20 years before another American skier won a single gold medal.--Ivan Miller

Next up in my search for the ultimate sub-$500 watch is a Wilson Watch Works Navi, which I briefly talked about the other day.The Wilson Watch Works (WWW) stuff is not very known, especially outside of ebay, but very impressive. I stumbled upon Wilson Watch Works when I was browsing through ebay at various watches using the Replica Omega2969.52.91 Seamaster 300m Watch Swiss Unitas 64976498 movements. These are hand made peices from the US, made from German crafted cases and dials, with Swiss luminova. Front crystals are all Sapphire, double AR coated, with rear exhibition crystal made from K1 Mineral.

By Stephen RegenoldCamelBaks to-be-released ShredBak vest is acategory-defying piece of apparel made with a polyester outer shell and a meshsuspension vest inside, which holds a 72-ounce water reservoir. Ahydration hose snakes from the reservoir, which nests on your back, coming outthrough a chest pocket and allowing Replica Omega 3211.31 Speedmaster Date Watch for intermittent sips to stay hydratedwhile skiing, snowboarding, and participating in other cold-weather sports.It comes to market in autumn of 2009 in a mens andwomens model and will cost $200. This winter, I got an early version to test, zipping thevest on for some road biking around town and a few days on the ski slopes.

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But will that be enough for Big Dog? No way of telling, but based on nothing more than photos and specs, their designs look sharp. Let us know if youve paddled one. Wed love to hear your feedback. -Kyle DickmanThis ones a must-read for Replica Omega 3534.79 Speedmaster Watch anyone interested in training dogs. Pamela J. Reids 1996 Excel-erated Learning($16; James Kenneth Publishers) explains what’s going on insidethat dog’s head, whether you use a clicker, e-collar, or rolled upnews as your primary training tool.

I posted this video a couple weeks ago, but had forgotten to announce it here. So Im linking it now. This is to supplement the Wilson Watch Works Navigator Watch Review that I wrote previously. I also believe that its called an Observer Replica Omega 4831.31.32 Co-Axial Automatic Watch Dial not a Navigator dial, and since Wilson Watch Works doesnt name their watches, I had to kind of make up a name. Nevertheless, it is a very solid, well-made watch using great materials.I hope you enjoy the video if you havent already:

Andrea Mead Lawrence, the only American skier to win two gold medals in the Olympics, passed away Tuesday. She succumbed to cancer at age 76 at her home in Mammoth Lakes, California, according to the New York Times. Lawrence started competing in the slalom as a ten-year-old. Five years later, she competed in the 1948 Olympics in Replica Omega 951172.15 Constellation Watch Moritz, Switzerland. By 1951, she won ten of 16 major races and wound up on the cover of Time magazine. At the 1952 Olympics in Oslo she became the the first and only American skier to win two gold medals at one Olympics.

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“There’ve been times when I’ve called it an incident or an episode,” Ralston told the . “There’ve also been times when I’ve agreed with people that said, ‘Aron, I’m glad this happened to you,’ because of the gift the story was to them. There are portions of it that are willful acts. It’s tough to blend all that into one word.”“I still do like adventures,” Replica Omega 1512.30 Constellation Watch Ralston told the Times. “But it’s different. It’s not coming from an esteem-building, need-fulfillment place, like my life won’t amount to something if I’m not the first person to make some major accomplishment.” --Sean Brander

Here is a video review that I just posted of the Breitling SuperOcean Heritage 46. I bought one of these and a Heritage 38 for my wife and myself as Replica Omega 1211.10 Double Eagle Perpetual Watch wedding gifts we had them engraved and you can see that in an earlier post. This is the first of the reviews, looking at the 46mm Heritage on the Mesh Ocean Classic bracelet. Reid brings you up to date onsome of the behavior research that’s been done over the years and thenapplies it (for the most part) in plain English to practical trainingmethodologies.

There is a new kayak manufacturer on the scene. On March 27, Britains Big Dog launched as a company dedicated exclusively to the production of whitewater boats. The company is new, but co-owners Peter Orton, Jason Buxton and Andy Whiting have all faciliated the sports progression. Each brings to the table a mix of paddlesport managerial, Replica Omega 2377.30 Aqua Terra Watch design and on-the-water experience that will be key in helping the new company fly, especially in this economy. Big Dogs business strategy is to remain narrowly focused on whitewater while their competitors continue to expand into other genres of paddlesports.

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From my limited experience,it’s best to save your sharp knees for the Octagon than explainyourself to horrified onlookers and risk hurting your best friend.This applies to everything in dog training (and life): Don’t lose your Replica Omega 3577.50 Speedmaster Special Watch cool.It’s really easy to do when Danger is tearing off down the street, butI force myself not to chase after him or repeatedly shout his name.Whatever the problem is break it down into small pieces and train itout methodically. Then avoid it for next time.—Grayson Schaffer

For me, the Rolex would not do it for me, as I get bored of the style a bit. It is an excellently made watch, with great attention to detail, but it is too Replica Omega 4110.32 De Ville Prestige Watch for me if I were to only have one watch. This is a personal thing.Both watches are reliable and robust. Breitling fans will complain that the Rolex is boring, uninspired and small, and that too many other watches look like. Rolex fans will complain that Breitlings are loud and gaudy and belong on the wrist of rappers and movie stars and those that want to show off their watches and seek attention.Regards,Breitling Source

Six years after severing his own arm to escape an 800-pound boulder that pinned him to the Blue John Canyon floor Aron Ralston has written a bestselling book, toured the country on dozens of speaking engagements, and climbed all of Colorados 14ers in the winter. Many have struggled to reconcile Ralstons decision--hiking alonewithout Replica Omega 1365.71 Constellation Watch telling anyone where he was going--with his supreme act ofwill. Ralston first broke his own bones then sawed through hiscartilage with a dull knife.In a profile published in the New York Times, Ralston speaks about his continuing search to place a definitive meaning on the accident.


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The editors of Montres Passion have selected 40 of the most interesting designs of 2009 and from there, each participant may select his or her first, second, and third choice for watch of the year.We have to admit, the editors have chosen replica IWC 3736-14 watch incredibly well; many in fact have graced the pages of Hodinkee at one point or another.We of course have our favorites but far be it from us to influence our readers with our own personal choices (*cough* Spidolite *cough* Turbine *cough* Monaco LS).

Louis Cottier was a master of watches, but most A Lange & Sohne 223.021 Men's Watch importantly, world time watches (pieces that allow you to tell the time in many different cities at once).He was contracted to build them for a few small brands you may or may not be familiar with, brands like Vacheron Contstantin, Patek Philippe, and Rolex.In fact, he invented the very first two-crowned world time watch for Patek in 1950.This watch is one of the most sought after pieces in the world to this day.That is all well and good, but what is "Agassiz" and how do they fit into the picture?

The website only available in French or German but our guess is you can figure out what to do.In order for your vote to count you must provide them with your name, address, and email; but no big deal there.To make you vote count in the 2009 replica IWC 5240-06 watch of the Year, go ahead and click here.If you guys feel like sharing who you chose, we'd be interested to see what the readers of Hodinkee are feeling for 2009.*Editors Note: There are numerous mistakes on this site (the SpidoLite does not feature a 2892 movement, the picture of the Turbine is not a Turbine, etc) but you just have to look past all that and make your educated decision on which is really the watch of the year.